Teaching the sport of boxing from the ground up is something that Brian “Bomac” McIntyre enjoys. He’s currently having a blast showing Keyshawn Davis everything he knows. So far, the 25-year-old has been the perfect student. But, this Saturday night, he’ll have the biggest test of his career. In the co-main event slot on the night, Davis will face his first former world champion when he takes on Jose Pedraza. At times, the word great can be thrown around a bit too loosely in the sport of boxing. Bomac is a realist and doesn’t believe in inflating the egos of his fighters before they prove themselves. So while he isn’t willing to say the former Olympic silver medalist is a great fighter, he does feel he’s on the right track.
“Keyshawn is close, he’s real close,” Bomac told a group of reporters. “I want him to get a hold of a few titles in a few divisions. Let his body grow. He’s only 25 years old.” A win over Pedraza will go a long way toward Davis (9-0, 6 KOs) reaching his potential. For Bomac, it’s all about taking things slow. Having worked with Terence Crawford before the fame and fortune, Bomac has a good sense of what it takes to build a Hall of Fame level fighter. If Davis is willing to listen and of course, continue to put in the work, not only does Bomac believe he’ll be a multi-division champion, but he’ll also be in the G.O.A.T conversation. “Seven, eight years from now we can be mentioning his name as one of the greatest that ever laced up the gloves. It’s a process that you gotta go through in order to be called that. Just like Terence, just like Canelo. They had a process. He’s just now starting his but he damn sure will get there one day.”