Win a world title? Check. Become a multi-division champ? Check. Grab a spot on virtually every pound-for-pound list? Check. How about the rare goal of becoming an undisputed champion? Check.
Lastly, what about generating tons of {dollars} and being viewed as a pay-per-view star? Double check. Fighters in Alvarez’s shoes pick and choose when and whom they want to fight. For the most part, Alvarez (60-2-2, 39 KOs) hasn’t been lambasted for his choices. However, even with the 33-year-old picking John Ryder apart and dismantling Jermell Charlo in 2023, fans are desperate to see him in the ring with David Benavidez. The 26-year-old is usually harmless when he doesn’t have his gloves on but when he does, he turns into someone else entirely. In 2023, he spent the entirety of his year solidifying his case as Alvarez’s most dangerous opponent. With wins over Caleb Plant and Demetrius Andrade, even Alvarez has taken notice. Still, he doesn’t appear likely to get his shot at the division’s undisputed champion immediately. Usually, Alvarez fights on two separate occasions, May and September. Chris Algieri is amongst the many who want to see Alvarez and Benavidez get it on. According to some fans, Alvarez is a flat-out duck for refusing to face Benavidez. Algieri won’t go that far. However, if Alvarez doesn’t slide a contract across Benavidez’s desk relatively soon, he may start changing his mind. “If he does not fight him this year in September, that means he doesn’t want the fight,” said Algieri on Pro Box TV.
There’s a lot to lose but maybe not as much to gain for Alvarez. A loss to Benavidez could indicate that his time on top of the super middleweight mountain and possibly in boxing, is officially over with. Algieri though, doesn’t view it that way. Could Alvarez lose? Sure. But if he does, it shouldn’t put a dent in what he’s already accomplished. “I don’t think it hurts his legacy, even on a loss.”