Keyshawn Davis is a student of the game but he isn’t one to make the same mistakes of those before him. So, with just a few hours remaining before he takes on Jose Pedraza, he’s given the former multi-division belt holder all of his attention. With that said, as long as everything goes according to plan, Davis knows exactly who he would like to share the ring with next. “When I dominate Jose Pedraza, I would love to fight (Emanuel) Navarrete before the end of this year,” Davis told LalosBoxing.
Luckily for Davis, Navarrete (38-1-1, 31 KOs) may become available soon. Recently, the Mexican star decided that his WBO 130-pound title would no longer be of use to him. The 29-year-old knocked on the door of the sanctioning body and enforced his ‘Super Champion’ status. Officially, they obliged, ordering a showdown between Navarrete and Denys Berinchyk for the vacant 135-pound strap. If Navarrete does what he’s always done, he’ll walk away from their scrap with a world title in his fourth division. But, unlike the landscape at 130 pounds, he figures to have a relatively easy time getting his hands on some of the top dogs at 135. Shakur Stevenson, for starters, has named Navarrete as one of his desired opponents. Davis though, has now done the same. Although he’s seemingly still in the babyhood stages of his career, Davis (9-0, 6 KOs) is sick and tired of being beltless. That could change if things fall into place against Navarrete. When names get signed and fights get made, Davis normally becomes more pugnacious. He trash-talks his opponents and often warns them of the beating he’s about to unleash on them. Navarrete though, doesn’t deserve to be treated flippantly. Davis knows that he’s one of the best fighters around and on a Hall of Fame path. Facing him, subsequently, would be an achievement in itself.
“He’s a fighter that got the fan’s respect. I would love to fight Navarrete for sure. It would be an honor fighting Navarrete.”